Free Public Lecture Series

April 5 - Kathy will talk about POW Camps Across America at Cafe' Grand Prix in Salt Lake City (1775 S. 4130 W., #B) at 6 pm.

May 24 - Kathy will talk about Enemy Alien Camps Across America at Cafe' Grand Prix in Salt Lake City (1775 S. 4130 W., #B) at 6 pm.

The interview with Marcello in Firenze.

TV and Media

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Taormina, Italy with Mt. Etna

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​Cerda, Italy

3278 Italians arrested out of 694,000 registered as aliens

10,905 Germans arrested out of 330,000 registered as aliens

16,845 Japanese registered aliens arrested PLUS 110,000 placed in relocation centers

Mary Ravarino sharing her World War II story. A movie about Italian Prisoners of War in America. Kathy is historical consultant.

Our initial rollout program is Sunday Dinner with a Prisoner. This compelling half-hour documentary will bring forward the little known story of Italian Prisoner of War (POW) base and branch camps in Utah. The unwitting connections the prisoners and surrounding residents made with each other reveal important chapters of history. Culture, heritage and community interaction all play key roles in the stories within the documentary. How the soldiers were treated and how those who treated them were viewed reveal untold realities about wartime life in Utah and the United States. In this particular program we will follow the stories of several Utah families who were directly affected by the POWs. One family story demonstrates how sharing the bounty of a farm harvest led to deeper understanding of the war, soldiers and conflict. Rich farmland served as fitting places for the prisoners to work and those farms owned by Utah Italians made the operations very effective. As tensions decreased the soldiers were allowed to mingle with host families. Using the dinner as a metaphor we see how people from differing points of view can communicate and find common ground. 

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Viewing out from Vatican City

147 Enemy Alien Camps, Hospitals, and Cemeteries in America, WWII

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Kathy works with other scholars and historians throughout Europe and the US.

Family reunion at Selinunte, Italy

Pisa, Italy Jewish Cemetery

Matera, Italy, a UNESCO site

​Napoleon's Tomb, Paris

Kathy Kirkpatrick and Christine Saffell are our historians. Kathy specializes in Italian Genealogy and WWII across Europe, including the armies of many nations. Christine specializes in Italian Genealogy, WWI across Europe, and records from Canada, Denmark, England, Scotland, Switzerland and United States., a Rabbi in Calabria, Italy who has a vast knowledge of hidden Jews.

Genealogy research conducted by Chris and Kathy in the Archivio di Stato in Benevento.

Latest News: American POW Camps in Idaho and Utah by Kathy Kirkpatrick will be released by Fonthill Media (Arcadia Publishing) on 2 April 2018. This will be the first book in the series describing WWII POW Camps Across America, including many photos.

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy

Scholarship and History

Kathy shares ideas and experience for Italian Family Research at Home and in Italy on 22 March at Cafe' Grand Prix.