Salt Lake City, Utah – If you want a taste of authentic Mexican food while having some tires put on your vehicle there’s only one place to go. Victor’s Restaurant on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley serves both tires and tamales with a big smile! It’s a top notch business with a pinch of real culture mixed in.

“My wife Elvia is the one who runs the whole show in the restaurant. We had the idea that you can eat while you wait, that was really good. Now it’s not like going to Victor’s Restaurant anymore, it’s more like going to Victor’s house and having tamales. Tamales are our main dish and she does really good tamales.” A smiling Victor Galindo said.

The idea for a restaurant in a tire shop came to Galindo as people were waiting for their car tires to be mounted. Initially chips, beverages and small snacks kept people happy while they were lingering in the tire shop. There’s a place for a meal in here he surmised. Then the real food started cooking which created an unequaled experience and a local favorite.

Galindo’s unique and successful business story did not happen overnight. It started more than a quarter of a century ago when he was working for a tire recycling center. He looked around and figured he could do this and soon he was trying his hand at business selling tires at flea markets and from his own garage. That led to his first bona fide tire shop. There are now eight tire stores across the valley but only the one on 700 West and 1400 South serves the tamales and other fine Mexican cuisine.

“Our food is a little different. It’s real, typical Mexican food. You can eat while you wait and you get a little culture.” Galindo said.

As regular customers know it is indeed a little culture right along with big, wonderful flavor for the community to savor. Our sincere salute to Victor’s Restaurant!

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